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Graceful Aging

When I met Dorothy in yoga training, three things immediately caught my eye: her shy smile; waist-length, silver hair; and a significant spinal curvature. I was impressed. Most people with scoliosis don't do yoga; they tend to limit their activities. Even more remarkable, Dorothy is a yoga teacher. She loves to teach seniors, beginners, and people with health issues.


"Now there's an example of graceful aging," I thought and asked if I could feature her in this blog. She was surprised to be seen in such light, but graciously agreed. Here are some of her words about the process of getting older.

"At age 49, I felt a 'tipping point", where I knew that the rest of my life would be about approaching and going through death gracefully. That makes me less 'clingy' to life and youthful 'good looks', less insistent on 'having it all', and instead more appreciative of what I have right now. I firmly believe in God and an afterlife I wish to live gracefully and to exit this life gracefully, because that means a graceful entrance into the next life.

Picture"My arthritic knee slows me down, but I still dance and mow the lawn. I am buoyed up by the love of my family and friends, a crazy sense of humor, and my curiosity and creativity.

"I invented a foam roller exercise, which slightly reversed my scoliosis progression it will keep me functional longer and will benefit others. So I am slowing down some aspects of my aging, but aging is nevertheless my peaceful companion."

By the way, Dorothy teaches yoga classes in King and Snohomish counties, including at Monroe's East County Senior Center

Posted by Anita Boser at August 21, 2008 8:36 p.m.


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