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United Way article on our Dan Blum

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Dan BlumUnited Way passionately advocates for healthy aging and invests in programs that enhance the quality of life for older adults.
It's hard to believe from his easy camaraderie and fun-loving banter that, not long ago, Dan Blum was caught in despair after his bride of 59 years passed away.
Fortunately, the 83-year-old Monroe resident found the exercise class at East County Senior Center.
"The class meets three times weekly," Dan said, "and I really threw myself into it. Over time it became more than fitness, offering opportunities to build quality friendships and even regain my sense of humor."
"It's the best thing we do
-letting people know that life does go on," Marc Avni, the Center's executive director, explained. "Almost all seniors experience loss, whether a loss of prestige or connections or close family. Senior centers like ours give people an opportunity to feel empowered and regain meaningful lives."


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