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Membership in ECSC
Everyone can benefit with a membership at the ECSC, from age 2 to 102
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The East County Senior Center is a place for community members of all ages to come together for services and activities that enhance dignity, support independence, and encourage involvement in all aspects of life for older citizens. It is a place where seniors can make new friends, learn new skills, expand their horizons, and enjoy the golden years. Everyone can benefit from membership at the ECSC. Whether you are currently a senior, soon to be a senior, or have aged friends and loved ones, ECSC has something to offer you!

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Why and What is the Senior Center For?

Benefits of Membership

Full participation in an excellent organization dedicated to meeting the needs of older citizens and families.

Access to Legislators and elected officials. Let your voice be heard!

Rewarding volunteer opportunities tailored to your interests.

A monthly newsletter containing valuable information on senior issues, schedule of events, and much more.

Advance notice and registration priority for all special events and functions open to the public.

Members pay reduced fees for many ECSC sponsored events.

A place to gather with people who have the same interests as you.

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