276 Sky River Parkway • P.O. Box 602 •
Monroe, Washington 98272 • (360) 794-6359

Flower & Card Fund Club

Each month, the senior center sends cards and flowers to various members. To support this effort, some of our members donate $5.00 every 2 months or $30.00 a year to help cover these costs.

Give some consideration to joining this elite club!

You can give $5.00 every 2 months or $30.00 a year to be in this elite club and we will let you know when it is time to renew.

You will be given special thanks each month in our news letter "The Grapevine"

Thank you and when donating make sure you let us know it is for the Flower & Card Fund Club. Give to the front desk or mail to PO Box 602 Monroe, WA. 98272.

Current Members of the Flower & Card Fund Club current members

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